NBN Compatible

Uniden’s fixed line phone products and the National Broadband Network (NBN)

NBN Co is the Federal Government Business Enterprise responsible for the rollout of the NBN across Australia.

Enex Testlab ‘nbn ready’ is a program which independently tests and certifies device interoperability National Broadband Network (nbn™) services from the Enex TestLab nbn™ ‘plug-bench’ interoperability facility.

In compliance with the NBN Co guidance note regarding statements on such test results, Uniden Australia advises its customers that:

  1. We have tested our fixed line phone products using the Enex Test Lab; and;
  2. We are confident that our fixed line phone products are compatible with the range of phone services available over the NBN.
  3. We can provide specific recommendations as to which phone services on the NBN will work with your Uniden phone. Please confirm with your NBN provider how to correctly connect your Uniden phone to your modem/router/terminal adapter supplied by your NBN provider.

Please note that a power failure blackout can affect the phone service in some areas. Your phone line may not work in this situation, even if your phone is fitted with a backup battery.

Uniden Australia August 2017